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Så er vi klar med program og billetlink, hvor du kan sikre dig én af de 150 pladser.

DACAAR glæder sig til at se jer.

Konferencesprog er engelsk.

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  • 10.00: Moderator, journalist Keld Broksø, welcome you all.
  • 10.05: Klaus Løkkegaard, Head of Secretariat, DACAAR set the frame for our day.
  • 10.15: David Vestenskov, Chief Consultant, Centre for Stabilisation/Istitute for Strategy, ROYAL DANISH DEFENCE COLLEGE, clear up the frontlines of today in Afghanistan.
  • 10.35: Journalist Anders Jerichow, Politiken, tell us about medias and Afghanistan.
  • 10.50: Political debate with four Danish politicians: Ulla Tørnæs (V), Eva Flyvholm (Ehl.), Katarina Amnitzbøll (K), Rasmus Nordqvist (SF): What shall we do with Afganistan now?
  • 11.10: Questions to our four politicians from the audience.
  • 11.25: Coffee-break
  • 11.45: Tahmina Salik from Afghan Diaspora in Denmark:
  • 12.00: Alfred Foehr, Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan, DG ECHO, European Commission: Can Europe agree on issues in Afghanistan?
  • 12.20: John Morse, Director DACAAR, Kabul Afghanistan: John Morse: Humanitarian Aid: a reality check.
  • 12.35: 4 NGO´s + Warfair: DAC – Danish Afghanistan Committee, Mission East, Danish Refugee Council, Danish Peoples Aid, + Christian Friis-Bach, Warfair: Efforts and perspectives.
  • 13.05: Lunch
  • 13.40: Ambassador Michael Lund Jeppesen: Diplomacy and possibilities.
  • 14.00: Welcome to The Minister for Development Cooperation, Rasmus Prehn: Denmarks future roll in Afghanistan.
  • 14.20: Questions to Rasmus Prehn.
  • 14.25: Panel discussion: Lessons learned today.
  • 14.45: Thank you from the moderator, journalist Keld Broksø.
  • 14.50: Networking and drinks.
  • 15.30: End of conference #donotforgetafghanistan

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